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Temporary Rules – Two String Soloing

            For this tip, we’re going to stretch our creativity by using a temporary rule when playing. The next time you are going to improvise a solo or melody idea, whether it’s in band rehearsal or just jamming over your favorite jam-along track, use two strings only. This will force you to think “linear” and not just position playing. Remember, if you want to go a higher or lower register move up or down the neck. It’s sounds easy, but it’s very difficult to stay strict to this rule when we are so used to soloing a particular way. Change to strings of choice for a few days. For example, today solo only on the high E and B strings. Tomorrow, just use the B and G strings and so on. For a real challenge, choose two strings that are not next to each other like the B and D strings or even the high E and A string! Next you can try three-string soloing. By eliminating the other strings when soloing, you’ll be forced to think of new ideas for getting what you want out of your playing. You will discover some great new techniques and add some new ideas to your playing. Enjoy! 

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