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Stretch List

We all have things that we know we should be doing or need to be doing. Things that we know will make us better guitar players and musicians, and yet we consistently avoid doing them. It’s the grudge work, the stuff that’s sometimes not fun and may even be intimidating. Perhaps for you, these things may include sight-reading, practicing with a metronome, ear training running through new chord voicings, learning theory, or even writing music.

            Make a list of things that you know will benefit you but you tend to avoid. Call it your “stretch list” meaning things that will make you stretch and grow. Every day you pick up your guitar, pick one thing on your stretch list and start with that. Maybe picking up your guitar and practicing is even on your stretch list! By starting with doing something on your stretch list, you are creating a new powerful habit. If you stick to doing this, after a while, you will do the things on your stretch list naturally. It won’t be so much of a challenge getting yourself motivated to do the things that are important.

            So before you pick up your guitar again, make a “stretch list” and commit to using it until you master it! 

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