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Program your “computer” the right way the first time (Garbage in/Garbage out)

When it comes to learning something new, think about it like creating a new program for a computer. In this case your brain is your computer and a new song, riff or scale is the program. If you feed the information to your computer the right way the first time, it can “replay” the program faster and faster. If it is fed the wrong information, or information that varies (random mistakes, sloppy technique) it will always run the program that way, cluttered and choppy. Also, it will tend to get jammed, run slow, or even crash. This is the way our “computer” works. So take your time when learning something new, go at a comfortable pace. Once your computer gets “programmed” properly, it will run much more efficiently. You will learn faster, get better results and reach your goals in no time!

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