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Can You Create Music Without Your Guitar?




It’s so much fun to just blasting away with rock licks or power chords isn’t it? Well when we do that, for the most part we are calling on our muscle memory and technique. Are we really trying to create something? Or are we just wailing away?

            Next time you want to create come great music, start by listening to what you hear in your head. Then try your best to play what you’re hearing. That is one of the toughest things to do as a musician, no matter what your instrument is. Try to break your habit of letting your fingers guide what you play. Instead, let your ears guide your playing.

            Here’s an exercise you can try. Without your guitar, close your eyes and create music in your head, maybe a riff, some chord changes or a melody line. When you have that tune fully locked in your ears and in your head, then get on your guitar and try to play the music that’s in your head. It may not be easy in the beginning. Your fingers will want to play their typical patterns. Remember to let your ears guide you. Go for it and create something great today! 



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